Family Tree

A Poem to Aunt Edna

by Evelyn

I missed another chance today
To travel over Holcomb way.
To take the time to go and see
Someone who means alot to me.

I missed the chance to go and talk
to chat along a memory walk.
To have the past come real again
When we were kids and so young then.

I missed the chance to sit and hear
The tales of those whom I hold dear.
About my Grandma when she was small,
Where she lived and played and all.

I missed the stories of our misdeeds,
When some would follow and one would lead.
Of playing hide and seek behind the bales,
And telling sad and scaarey tales.

I missed the chance to look on thru,
family pictures, both old and new.
To hear the news of distant cousins,
The ones who were cheaper by the dozen.

I missed the chance to feel the care,
To shelter in the love that's there.
But I'll not miss this time to tell,
My Dear Aunt Edna, I Love You Well.

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