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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

These days we hear so much about recycling that sometimes we forget what true recycling is.  We feel better when we toss a milk jug in the blue box and we should, but it doesn't end there.

Don't get me wrong here I'm not on a soapbox, although that would be a good way to reuse.  I do all these things that I say we shouldn't.  I just think we all need to keep in mind that there are allot of small things we can do to get on track.


So if we think really really hard maybe we can come up with some ideas how to

  • Use the other side of the paper.(shopping list, birthday list, doodles, or whatever)
  • Make more than one stop on your trip to town.(Groceries, Drug Store, Department Store, Or Wherever)
  • Research what you buy.(Check out a product before you buy it, Ask friends and relatives, read consumer product reviews in magazines, decide what you'll use it for so you buy the correct size, you get the idea)
  • Find a new use for it.(make an old innertube into heavy weight rubber bands, use jelly jars to organize stuff, make an old toilet into a planter,  well maybe not, but the idea was on the right track)


Well Enough of that for now.

I think you're starting to get the idea.
If not, the idea is, there is more than one way to recycle.  If you can find a second use for something great.  If you can find a third and fourth use for it even better.  If you can't use it anymore find someone who can.  But don't try to give it to someone if it's broken unless you're sure they want to fix it.
There are lots of agencies out there who would love to be able to pass your pre-enjoyed items on to some one who could really use it.
Junk dealers You remember Sanford and Son "You big dummy" will sometimes not only pay for your "junk" but will come and get it.  As long as it's worth it to them.  Keep in mind how much it's worth to you to get rid of it.
Consignment shops are all over the place.  Not only clothing but other merchandise can be sold on consignment That means when they sell it you get a percentage.
But be sure to call to find out what the shops policy is on taking items, like what they take, is there a limit on quantity, how long do they offer the items, what do they do with unclaimed items.
Look in the yellow pages for the phone numbers and addresses.


Try some of these links
to find some great ideas and info on how other
communities deal with Recycling.

Recyclers World
This has tons of Pre-Enjoyed items, A wanted to buy section, and lots of links.

The Plastic Bag Assoc.

with some info about recycling.

Recycle Art

Here is some local (Well for me) info from Canandaigua and

tiedye.gif recycler.gifrecycler.gif

is another man's treasure.
Special thanks to Ecopartners Inc.
And the Ontario Co. branch of the
Cornell Cooperative Extension in
Canandaigua New York
for allowing me to reprint their Quarterly NewsLetter
distributed for Ontario County Dept. of Solid Waste Management.

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