Driving Bus

The Manic School Bus

I drive School Bus for the Canandaigua City School District. I've driven bus since April of 1990 and boy what a job.

Just like mine

This looks like my bus except for the black lines on the side, the black by the overhead lights, and a few other odds and ends.

I leave for work at 6:00 every school day. On the cold mornings The Mechanics already have our buses started. So I head for my bus and do a pre-check. Inside I check the gauges, heaters, wipers, interior lights, & all the emergency exits.

Then its outside to check the headlights, Jersey lights (the ones that tell you I'm stopped), mirrors, hazard lights, marker lights, and the I check underneath to see if anything is leaking or broken.

Then It's into the lounge to check my mail box, grab one last cup of coffee, check on road conditions & visit with some of the other drivers before we hit the road.

Then at 6:25 it's out the door and on the road, up this hill down that one, across another road and around another corner. Pick up this one, tell that one to set down. Watch the road, watch the kids. Listen to the two way radio for any last minute calls. This one isn't riding, that one is. Wait for these kids, pick up those kids. Then it's back to town and the schools to drop them off. Then it's on the road again to get the little ones. So and so forgot her lunch, the other one forgot his glasses. This ones getting after that one and the others are half in the isles. Then again back to town before the shuttle bus leaves and I'm done for the morning as soon as I check my mailbox in the lounge so I know what's going on this afternoon.

So That's what it's like to be a bus driver.
But always remember I love to drive my bus...............................................EMPTY.

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This is a short history of the routes and buses
I've had over the years.

I got Bus #36 Donald Duck in September of 1990 when it was a year old.

Just for your Information bus 36 was retired to sub-bus status in 19June of 1997.

As for me As of September of 1997 I have a new more quiet run these days driving bus #60 The Barney bus (sheesh). I drive two wonderfully special young ladies to their school in Penfield everyday. We have a great time together with Tammy the Nurse on board. It's very much different from the chaos on a larger bus with lots more passengers.

Well we're getting a new bus!!! No more Barney. Some time next week October of 1998 We're getting a new Vista style school bus. A Vista is one of those Ugly busses with half a nose. I've put in my request for Buzz Lightyear for the bus Character but who knows. Just as long as it's not Barney. LOL.

Saturday, December 05, 1998 Hmmmmm December and still no new bus.........
It'll be here soon I hope.

Well now everyting has changed!!!!!
It's December and my new bus 92 is finally here.... BUT...... I have a new run altogether soooooo
As of January 4th 1999 I'll be driving bus 67 Raodrunner I'll be picking up highschool kids on West Lake Rd.
And Primary Elementary up in the hills above Cheshire. That's the part of the run I'm really looking forward to
So now I need a new bus. I like the new Freightliners, with a standard transmission, all wheel drive would be nice for the slidey days.
I could think of a few other specifications but I wouldn't want to ask for too much.

WELL! I finally got to drive bus 92 for a couple runs before leaving the run.
Not too shaby. But I also got to drive 67 and it drives real nice too.

Bus 67

This is a picture of Bus 67 "Roadrunner" in it's Natural Habitat.

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